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Paradox Interactive Releases East India Company Demo

New York - July 31, 2009 - A release day patch has been made available for East India Company that solves some minor issues with the game.

To download the patch:

Go to in game "Options" and then press "Check for updates" and then follow the onscreen instructions*.

Patch details:

- Game pause can now be disabled in the Game info view - meaning players can now check for game stats and while the game runs in background

- The 3D Port view can now be disabled directly from the port loading screen, and the 2D Port view loading screens (with game tips) can now be disabled - so no more waiting when entering the port view.

Bug Fixes - Issue with some file names on certain language settings now fixed
- Issue with Navigator skill now fixed
- Issue with marines not always shooting in the naval battles fixed

*Steam users must use the Steam's own update function
*Impulse users must use the Impulse's own update function